Joy in Obedience…

Its not about the quantity of time you spend with someone its about the quality. What was shared in this time? As I’ve matured in my faith I have had moments where i thought i would feel a certain way or i thought I wouldn’t be able to handle a situation and when the time presented itself it was the complete opposite. I have learned that that is what Gods grace in my life is!
I lost a couple of people in my life that I dearly loved within a couple years, i always thought that the pain i would feel would be unbearable but the truth is that in the sadness of not being able to see my loved ones again there is Joy. Yes, i said Joy. God’s Joy! My spirit chooses to rejoice in this very day that the Lord has made. I choose to find Joy in that im still here and I have many loved ones still here as well. I choose to find Joy in this place in my life. I choose to laugh at the funny things in life and smile at the things are wonderful and amazing! By no means does that take away the love I have for those who have passed or take away the sadness that comes from not being able to have them in my life any longer but it comforts me in Gods grace to know that the time I spent with these people were well spent. I wasn’t saved before my grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and as time passed the illness became worse. 2 days before he passed, i was able to spend some time with him and i felt led by the Spirit to pray for him and also to pray the sinners prayer. Now, trust me when I say I had doubts and questions about what God was so clearly telling me to do and I was literally asking him (even though I already knew in my heart) for a set up. God literally set it up in that moment, He confirmed it right there and then. He knew I didn’t feel bold enough and I was emotional and he knew I needed Him to help me, and he did. That one moment trumped over a whole life time of memories knowing that, 1, I obeyed God’s direction and 2, God gave my grandfather a chance at eternal life with him. My grief has turned into Joy!

Luke 15:10
Luke 18:13
Philippians 4:4
John 16:24
Psalm 118:24
Psalm 30:11

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