A Letter to God…

My precious Lord,
I come to you this morning barely being able to breath from the heaviness my heart feels. Lord, it’s the end of the year and at this moment in time I am overwhelmed with many emotions. I feel sad and I miss some that have gone to be in heaven with you, I know that it’s your will and that my Spirit as well desires to be in your kingdom one day, but right now I feel so small, so human, so tired, so lost, so sad. My loving Father, I come to you now to surrender all this that I am feeling, all that I am carrying. I surrender this year to you and all the grief I feel for the ones I’ve lost. My faithful Father, I trust you and your plan for me. Thank you for holding my hand, thank you for lifting me up, thank you for drying my tears, thank you for sending heavenly people with words of wisdom, thank you for letting me feel all this Joy in the midst of loss and worry. Thank you my most precious Lord for allowing me to humbly surrender my all to you. I leave this year and the old me behind and I walk forward into the new you have for me. Thank you for those who pray for me and my loved ones, may you hear their prayers as well and bless them a thousand times over. Thank you for being everything I needed every single day. In my weakness you are strong. My wonderful Father, Thank you for faithfulness. Thank you for your Love. In Jesus name Amen.

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