I Promise…

My beautiful, most precious child, I wanted to remind you to keep steady, keep holding on, I know that it doesn’t make sense to you right now that your heart aches so much and even if I was to tell you why your mind and heart would not comprehend, I do however promise to keep you, to love you, to provide you with the ways to overcome. You’re pain isn’t in vain, you’re pain will always have purpose. I know you’re weary but I promise to give you strength when you need it all you have to do is call on me. I know you don’t understand but all you have to do is seek my peace. I know it’s hard to trust but use your faith. I promise you my precious that nothing is wasted on you, one day you will see what I see and know what I know but for now, all I ask is that keep your eyes on me and persevere. I’m only but a whisper away. I love you! -God

I don’t know who this is for but I pray that you feel the way our father holds you in his hands right now and that you feel his peace and love right now in Jesus name Amen.

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