My God…

I want God to show up in my life the way He showed up for all the people in the bible… Supernaturally and Amazingly..that God that you fear and love and that you know will show up to back you up even when no one believes. I want that fire in the burning bush and I want to stand right at the front when the waters part. I want to be lifted up into heaven in a vision and I want to be in the fire with Jesus by my side. I want to hold the slingshot in my hand with God’s favor while I stand in front of my giants. I want to go before kings without being summoned but because I am a child of God I am protected. I want that God that brought back Lazarus from the dead. I want that God who can feed ma Mana from heaven. I want the God who can multiply fishes and loaves of bread when I don’t have enough. I want to step into the water and walk towards Jesus. The God of all, that is my prayer to you. In Jesus name Amen.
Take this time to reflect on who your God is? He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He never changes. Wow.

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